June 20, 2020

Best Scottish Jackets of 2020 (And Why They Are Worth Buying!)

Highland clothing is the traditional regional clothing of the Highlands and the islands of Scotland. It characterized by tartan. Specific shirt, jacket, bodice, and headgear designs wear with clan badges and other devices that mark family and heritage.

New Black Argyle Kilt Jacket and Vest

You can wear the Black custom size of the new kilt-colored jacket with a vest in formal and informal events. It made of original quality stainless material. This jacket look is stylish, modern, and attractive. An excellent team prepares New Black Argyle Kilt Jacket and Vestthis jacket and evaluates the quality. You can wear different jackets with a vest. This will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The quality of the product is guarantee.

You can use these jackets in casual functions like dinners, balls, or parties to attract others. You can use it traditionally worn with a Scottish tartan kilt, socks, and Ghillie brogues. This is a fully customizable and genuinely great addition to your wardrobe. You get this jacket with a vest according to your colors and style. Just place the order and tell us your preferences. Do not miss out on this jacket if you want to bring a modest style to your wardrobe. It will take care of your personality and give you a modern look.

Designers follow the simple traditional method of sewing and handling. Their great team evaluates the quality of the kilt coat. Their product is stainless.

Scottish Black Argyle jacket with Vest for Wedding Parties

Argyll is perfect for social or business events with a touch of formality. It will wear where other less stylish mortals will wear plain old suits. By subtly changing the accessories worn here, an Argyll (or Argyle) jacket can easily change shape, day or night. With a coarse cut and a true Scottish style, the Argyll jacket will look great on men of all shapes and sizes.Black Argyle jacket with Vest

It made in Scotland. Balmoral Kilts and Highland Dress are respected worldwide as one of the best producers of specialist Scottish tailoring.

The classic Argyll jacket makes from the most excellent quality Barathea 100% pure new wool. The jacket has a single front button, two side vents, three cuff buttons, three buttons on flaps pocket, and fabric epaulets. All buttons have washers and rings fitting.

The Argyll day/evening jacket is suitable for any social occasion, like dinners and Burns Suppers; balls, ceilidh or other dances; marriage, graduation, or baptism as Highland games or just like everyday clothes. The Argyll jacket is open, with a kilt in each tartan, an argyll 5-button cardigan, and a belt and waist. For the day, wear an Argyll jacket with a shirt with a plain collar, tie, and sporran.


Argyll Tweed Jacket with Waistcoat

The jacket here made of the best quality available! The Argyll Tweed Jacket is the traditional outfit for formal evening wears events like dinner, balls or parties. The Customize Argyll Kilt Jacket traditionally worn by the Scottish tartan Kilt, socks, and Ghillie brogues. A full Sporran dress looks excellent in the Argyll Kilt Jacket. This jacket made to the highest specifications of trained professionals.Argyll Tweed Jacket

A more casual jacket is the Tweed Kilt jacket, which comes in a variety of neutral colours, including grey, black and brown. This jacket is intended for casual attire and is very similar to a casual American sports jacket. It usually preferred for an informal daily outdoor event.

The buttons on a Tweed Kilt jacket are darker and blend with the colour of the jacket itself, eliminating the visibility. There are only button accessories on the front of this jacket, not the back. This jacket can be worn with a five-button cardigan if one prefers. It wears a casual white-collar and tartan plaid. The sporran that comes with this jacket is the sportier leather sporran. Tweed Kilt jacket range is $ 200.00 in the market and depending on the manufacturer, which includes additional accessories. You can see everyday clothing in Scotland yet practised in many ceremonies with wearing a Tweed Kilt jacket and other accessories.

Piper Drummer Military Doublet Black

The Piper Drummer Military Doublet designed to measure Scottish design, made using traditional methods by Piper Drummer Military Doublet Blackhand. For a genuinely formal, traditional wedding or ball look, the Piper Drummer Military Doublet is an excellent choice to pair with tartan kilt. This classic design is modeled after traditional military doubles and made from the best materials.

This jacket trimmed in silver with scrollwork braids on the collar, sleeves and shoulders. Three trios of silver buttons fall on either side of the front for a very regal look, and there are buttons on the tails and cuffs to enhance the effect.


Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket

The Prince Charlie jacket is a formal and dress choice that should reserve for formal evening events. Similar to thePrince Charlie Kilt Jacket American tuxedo, this jacket wear with a cardigan and a matching bow tie. Usually worn in black or red, this jacket has scalloped edges and silver buttons. The front of the jacket is shorter with long tails at the back.

The tails decorated with silver buttons that add to the formality of the Prince Charlie Jacket. Other stylish accessories are part of this jacket, and this jacket wears with a traditional kilt. This coat usually made of wool with a satin lining on the inside. This jacket is elegant and straightforward that reflects Scottish tradition and pride at its best.

Braemar Jackets

Distinguished as the Araca Jacket, the Braemar Jacket is a great contemporary choice. It is an extra stylish jacket. Braemar JacketsThis jacket is popular between fashionable men, looking for a better take on the traditional kilt outfit. We often see them pop up at proms and graduations.

Our Braemar jackets come with a matching waistcoat with five buttons for a gleaming look. If you wear your Braemar jacket with Kilt alternatively pants or trews, we recommend pairing it with a leather sporran. You can opt for a semi-dress or full sporran dress if you want a slightly formal look.


Argyll Kilt Jacket

It limited successful compare to the Prince Charlie Jacket. The Argyll Jacket describes its versatility as being suitable for a wedding, Highland Game or even for a day. It is made of wool or tweed with inner lining. Some of Argyle examples are Cuffs or Crail Cuffs. It is like casual jackets which have two pockets in the jacket for storing smaller items.

Depending on the colour and material it produces, this jacket can be worn with a shirt and tie for less formal events. Your Argyll Jacket is chic. It can wear with a bow tie for formal events. This coat has the same length all around just below the waist. It decorated with silver buttons on the front of the jacket, sleeves and the back of the jacket.

Argyll Highland jacket

Argyle Jackets are traditional jackets worn by Highland jackets. This style jacket is often complete with pocket flats, and glove cuffs that give it the traditional Scottish style. It introduces in several shapes and styles, making them perfect for any occasion. The Argyle jackets provide a fabulous design that easily fits all of the favorite kilt components. Tartan fabric of jacket depending on the style and color of the kilt design you want to wear.

Black Barathea Silver Button Argyll (BBSBA) jacket

Black Barathea Silver Button Argyll (BBSBA) jacket, wear with a five-button cardigan and long daytime tie. Barathea sometimes spelled barrathea. This design shows a great look for ideal for evening wear with three buttons and a bow. It is a soft cloth, with woven twill that gives a light pebble or ribbed surface. The yarns used to cover the different combinations of wool, silk, and cotton. Worst barathea (made with smooth yarn) use for evening gowns, like dress jackets, dinner jackets, and military uniforms, in black and midnight blue. Silk barathea, each silk or cotton weft and silk warp, is widely used in some industries.


I indicate you if you want to attend a Scottish event. How important it is to dress in Scottish-style clothing. Note that for those whose roots firmly planted in Scotland; it is part of their unique culture. It is a representation of their history, their heritage and their origin.

For Scottish people, their wardrobe, bagpipe and culture are ways to differentiate themselves from others and show their respect, loyalty and gratitude to their country. Embracing Scotland and all aspects of its culture can be incredibly fun and very enlightening.

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