How to Measure Kilt?

Kilt measurement is important for those who are buying online first time or wear kilt rarely because in these cases your never know about kilt size or your kilt size changed you become fatty or may slim. For a good experience make sure your custom kilt fits to accurate size.

We need three size figures.

  1. Waist size
  2. Hips size
  3. Kilt Drop Length

in measuring process you may need following things

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Pencel
  3. Writing pad
  4. A buddy (thoughts, it’s easier to have someone measure you)

You can measure yourself also easily read guideline and follow instruction step by step.

Step 1: Plan to fasten your kilt (Waist size).

It’s a first and major step in kilt sizing. The fastening point of kilt is different from your pent/trouser size. It starts from above the hip bone, keep yourself straight and relax your stomach, make sure not wearing thick dress. put a measuring tape all around you where you have plane to fasten kilt, make your measurement tape not much tight,  normally its your tummy button or all its upto you.

Note down your waist size on writing pad.

Step 2:  Hip measurement (Hip size)

Second figure that we need is hip size that is the widest point of your hip. Its important figure when your hip size large than in normal.

Step: Drop Measurement (Kilt Length)

It’s all about how long you kilt to be want; ultimately it’s your choice. it start from your fastening point to down to where you want the bottom of kilt to be. Normally top of the knee is a end point of kilt drop length, it’s your kilt can be anywhere you like.

Here you can take assist of your buddy but not compulsory.

Stay straight and close your feet start measuring you can also take help mirror. While in measuring drop length is be sure its start from fastening point.

In Generally the Standard Drop length is 24″ for male and for female is 20″. It’s a custom made kilt choice is yours.

Step 4: Fell Measurement. (Optional)

Final Step in kilt measurement, Starts from your waist line (fastening point) to hip. Its 1/3 part of the kilt. It’s not necessary pleats are full sewn.


All measurement put in writing pad, once you completed your kilt measurements send us. Be assuring all measurements are accurate before placing order. If you have any question please feel free to ask.