Antique Pin Lock Kilt Sporran


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Antique Pin Lock Kilt Sporran

Antique Brown Leather Pin lock semi dress sporran| Gallery | Forum
Does your neutral-colored kilt need a bit of flair and storage? You can add subtle style to your look with ease when you choose Antique Brown Leather Pin Lock Semi Dress Sporran! This stylish sporran is crafted out of 100 percent authentic brown leather. On its opening flap, there is a lock. A pin attaches to it with a chain, securing the bag closed so that you can store your items while also having a handsome accessory on the sporran. The compartment inside features a large opening to help you store larger items that you want with you. Three tassels hang down from the top in matching leather. Two rows of embellishments that appear to have been braided provide the trim for this sporran.