Braemar Jacket with vest


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Light Grey Tweed Argyle Jacket And 5 Button Vest | Gallery | Forum

Braemar Jacket with vest Braemar Jacket with vest. The Braemar Jacket, also known as the Araca Jacket a beauteous tailored Breamar Jacket with matching waistcoat. Our Breamar Jackets are made from top quality pure wool tweed cloth to give a voluptuous feel.

Our Breamar Jacket comes with the features below:

• shoulder pad

• fully lined

• 2 inside pockets

• Braided epaulets

• Braemar style with 3 vertical button configuration

• distinctive three buttons arrangement along the sleeve

• 2 outside pockets with flaps and exterior buttons

• 5 button on vest

All buttons have washer and ring fittings…….

This Breamar jacket ready with traditional tailoring techniques to create a fastidious accompaniment to your outfit this jacket will to wheedle any shape. you will be more attractive and modish to wear this beautiful breamar jacket with vest. The breamar is the standard day-wear kilt jacket, you can use it in formal or semi-formal occasions. You can wear this Breamar jacket accordingly, such as dinners and Burns Suppers balls, ceiled or other dances, weddings, graduations, or christenings; as well as Highland games or simply as general day wear. You can wear this chic Breamar jacket with vest for evening events to looks more formal and fashionable. Moreover, if you want to look more stylish and fascinating, than wear this Breamar jacket and vest with a kilt rather than trousers or trews, we suggest you pairing it with a day leather sporran. You can also try it with semi dress or full dress sporran if you want more conventional look……

This Breamar jacket with vest is ceremoniously more famous in stylish men looking on the customary kilt outfit.  Our preliminary tailored tweed Breamar jackets can use with matching waistcoats. This is another excellently high rank tweed suit initiate fundamentally every Gentleman’s wardrobe collection. This will express your inner luxury and ensure suits are made perfect fit. This will enhance your classic look with modern twine.The kilt basics range offers traditional and advanced design at affordable prices. Each essentials product has been selectively start from experts of local and overseas suppliers- because here not talk about budget but talk about make top quality product for you. We can ready your Breamar jacket with vest according to your demand, you just submit your order with details and selective colors….

For longtime Usage of your Breamar jacket and vest set Dry clean.


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