Black sheriff military jacket


Men's Leather Jacket Size Chart

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Men's Leather Jacket Size Chart
Jacket SizeXS(34)S (36)M(38)L(40)XL(42)2XL(44)3XL(46)4XL(48)
Chest34 - 35 36 - 37 38 - 39 40 - 41 42 - 43 44 - 45 46 - 47 48 - 50
Waist30 - 31 32 - 33 34 - 35 36 - 37 38 - 39 40 - 41 42 - 43 44 - 46
Sleeve24 - 25 24.5 - 25 24.5 - 2525. 5 - 26 26 - 26.5 26.5 - 27 26.5 - 27 27 - 27.5

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KiltishWorld once again presents you with the incredible Black Sherriff jacket Military Jacket. Maintaining the legacy of KiltishWorld, Black Sherriff Jacket Military Jacket, is a valuable addition indeed. The intention behind the launch of this new Black Sherriff Jacket Military Jacket is to add something extraordinary when it comes to design and style. So, for special and ordinary events, there could be nothing better than that of this one.

The first plus point goes with its warmer stuff. Pure wool has been added to make this Military jacket impregnable against harsh and cold weather. The next most significant benefit comes in the form of full customization options for this military jacket. Hand in hand, it is mandatory to tell you that KiltishWorld does not stock the piles of this product; instead, these are manufactured on demand.

Material and design of the Product:

The material of any product remains a determining factor of its quality. If the material is good, people will tend to by the Product, but if the material is not trustworthy, a tiny number of masses will purchase that Product. But, when we talk about KiltishWorld, quality has never been a problem. In this new military jacket, 100% pure wool has been used to make the Product invincible against the harshness of the weather. Along with this, the design and style of this jacket are also more exciting than expected. Unique gauntlet cuffs and high-quality insignia on all buttons of the jacket cast a spell on everyone who looks. So, the quality and stuff are 100% guaranteed in this military jacket.

Full customization option:

This is the best part that has been introduced by the KiltishWorld. As KiltishWorld proudly presented the Black Sherriff jacket Military Jacket with 100% wool stuff and quality assured tags. But, this very feature added to the value of the product indeed. We offer you with full customization options for you in this military jacket. Whatever the size, waist, and other parameters will be required, all those will be met by us. So, now size and other disturbing factors have been eliminated, and the full customization option has been introduced to meet the requirements of our respected customers.



  • This jacket must be dry cleaned only to have durability.
  • We do not stock the piles of this Product, so book your order 10-12 days before you need it.