Rainbow Kilt


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6 colors Rainbow kilt is the copy of Rainbow on the sky. It is the unique kilt style of the kiltishworld in kilt collection. The idea of the kilt is generated from the sky rainbow and flag and colors are people use in the Gay Pride festival that Parade is celebrated in different urban areas of America. You can also say It LGB gay pride kilt. the kilt is starting with red color and ends with purple color. kilt has 6 color layers that start from the kilt belt and end the bottom of the kilt, each layer is sewn with others in a simplified way. All colors are solid. the quality of the kilt is that we not use only colors we use 6 types of color fabric. Front Detachable pocket of the kilt makes your kilt more spacial. You can make you kilt LGB gay pride kilt without pocket and with pocket, it becomes Rainbow kilt. It is custom size kilt that fits your body.  Two Snaps closer of the kilt and two buckles on the closer side make you kilt more fit and adjust from the hip area.

Features Includes:

  • 6 color fabrics combination
  • Rainbow style
  • Front Detachable pocket
  • Buckles on hip area to adjust the hip size
  • all Pleats are sewn till down
  • 2.25″ belt loops size
  • custom size
  • Fast Shipping
  • Gay Pride Festival Kilt

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