Velvet Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket


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Men's Leather Jacket Size Chart
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Sleeve24 - 25 24.5 - 25 24.5 - 2525. 5 - 26 26 - 26.5 26.5 - 27 26.5 - 27 27 - 27.5

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Velvet Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket

Velvet Scottish Highland Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket is a featuring product highlighted by its design and look. Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket is a high product available in blue color as the original product. This product is comfortable and cozy, giving your complete warmth and satisfaction in the extreme cold blazes of winters.


The product is made of 100% blue velvet in a new and innovative design that highlights all your personality and charm. The Kilt Jacket is adorned with silver-plated buttons on the front, back, and sleeves add to embellish the product. The structure and design of the product is a rampant lion with a Celtic motif. The outer jacket is lined with satin giving it perfect attire. Two internal pockets on the jacket give you a secure luggage facility to carry all the substantial with care and improve safety, as well as the pockets, are inside the coat.

Black satin lapels are the perfect combination with blue velvet keeping it an ideal combo for those who intend and pick the best. The waistcoat is fully lined with satin and has three matching thistle buttons to make it a perfect manifestation of looks, elegance, and charm. Spare buttons are also for your ease and comfort.

This perfect product is made for your personality to express it at its best. It provides the best assistance to accomplish all your tasks in utter cold, giving you a warm and soothing comfort. The product is here to provide you with a complete formal look for the events and functions. The Kitish Jacket can add to the charms of Christmas and New Year’s formal parties, giving a glossy presentation and royal attire.

The inner side of the jacket is of pure wool; keeping you safe from the intensities of the weather. The super-fit makes you ultra-comfortable, and the classy design makes you an elegant being. Velvet Scottish Highland Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket is a customized product, prepared on order. Keep the credentials and details in mind while ordering and provide the perfect size as it is an expensive item. We have the best designers in our crew, and our only hallmark is the quality and satisfaction of clients.

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