US Army Kilt


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US Army Camo Style Kilt

Go for the country look and try something new with the US Army Camo Fashion Kilts. This Camouflage Kilt is specifically designed by keeping Army and Goth styles in view and This kilt feature a classic camouflage print that is familiar yet unique. Army Tartan Goth Camo Kilt is made up of 16oz to avoid any problem while working at your job. Soft yet durable, the Utility kilts are comfortable and attaches at the waist for a secure fit. It has hardware all over it to offer a unique semi-industrial appeal to modernize the look. The Camo Kilts offers plenty of ways for you to attach a sporran or other hardware. You can customize everything from the waist size, fell measurement, buttons and hardware material, optional hip size, and kilt length.
Construction of kilt needs robust and durable hardware to stay alive with the life of kilt even working hard at uncertain events.

Please follow the kilt measurement instructions while during the size selection.

Features Includes:

  • Thick Camouflage Kilts fabric with tan stitching
  • Original antique Rust free
  • Two Flap pockets on either side and one back flap pockets
  • Kilt has side mobile pocket and down sash pocket with flap


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