Piper Drummer Military Doublet


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Piper Drummer Military Doublet.This piper Drummer Military Doublet prepare by 100% quality wool.

Its originally customized product with elegant braids and buttons.  It is ordinarily much comfortable, form fitting, soft and breathable with heavy quality Wool. Black Fancy Doublet Piper Jacket is the trendy edition of Doublets that we have in our stock. It is specially designed for drummer with fascinate look.

This jacket features fancy shoulders and Cuffs with Gold braiding which more attractive and fashionable in their memorizing look.   The Chic Fancy shoulder shells have been used with Gold braiding representing the pure Scottish style with Fancy touch.

The material used for the jacket is custom and specially made according to the demand of the customers. The Gold buttons are used on the cuffs and helms for ornaments purposes….

Our products available all over the Europe…

Available in all size and colour….

You look more modern and fascinate to wear this

For a truly formal, traditional look at a

Wedding or ball, the black Drummer Military Doublet is an outstanding choice to pair with your tartan kilt.

This classic design is patterned after traditional military doublets and is made from the clarify of materials…..

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